From Science Fiction to Reality

Sci-fi has always influenced future tech, but it needs the resources industry to make it a reality.

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Lithium: The Rock Star Resource

From electric cars to house battery systems, lithium is the world’s rock star resource.

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Ever wondered what goes into your makeup? Believe it or not a lot of the ingredients for things like lipstick and foundation are mined and extracted minerals. Crude oil and mineral sands make up a large part of what goes into your makeup. Mineral sands, such as titanium dioxide, which is used to make foundation […]

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Underwear as we know it today did not exist until 1959 when DuPont chemist, Joseph Shivers, created a synthetic fibre, Spandex from polyurethane. Polyurethane is made by reacting polyols and diisocyanates, both products derived from crude oil. The exact molecular formula for polyurethane is C27H36N2O10 So next time you pull on those tighty-whities, keep in […]

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What’s it made from: Smartphone

There are 75 elements required to build a modern smartphone and a fair number of those have to be extracted from the ground. It’s crazy to think that little device that connects you to the world is essentially refined rocks and petroleum. These are the elements that are used to make your smartphone. Indium, Tin, […]

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Automation for a new generation

Robotics, coding, and automation are just a few of the skills that Year 5 and 6 students will be taught under an Australia-first pilot program to be rolled out in the Pilbara in February 2020. The Digital Technologies pilot was officially launched by Premier Hon Mark McGowan MLA, Minister for Education and Training, Hon Sue […]

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Examining the elusive microbats of WA’s South West

Take a moment to look at the size of your thumb and you may get an idea of just how small the body of Western Australia’s microbats can be. As the name suggests, microbats are small species of insectivorous bats that inhabit many of Western Australia’s diverse ecosystems including Jarrah Forests. Even though Microbats live an […]

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WA is doing it for the Bilbies

A joint research project ensures the bilby populations thrive in the Kimberley.

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Like a Diamond in the Sky

Astronomers have discovered a planet called 55 Cancri E. It’s just a typical planet in the Milky Way. Except for one major difference – it is made up of diamonds.

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Titanium, the thoroughly modern metal

Titanium’s benefits make it the perfect metal for the future and WA has a large part to play.

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