BHP Nickel West

Throwing the carbon sink at greenhouse gas emissions?

BHP is investigating whether the use of technology at its Mount Keith tailings dam could speed up a natural process that already offsets the equivalent of the yearly emissions from some 15,000 cars.

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Mining exploration

WA mining exploration hits five-year high…with more to come

The announcement comes as a seven-year program is launched to unearth undiscovered mineral deposits across Australia.

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Dry Jayson Meyers

Drilling for gold reveals massive asteroid hit on WA outback

The energy released on impact would have been greater than the combined explosions of every nuclear bomb test in history.

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Australian bushfire

Bold new drone and satellite plan to put out dangerous fires ‘in an hour’

New project aims to identify and extinguish the types of fires that ravaged the Eastern States earlier this year before they become deadly.

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NASA image of the moon

NASA wants moon rocks….and it’s prepared to pay for them

The space agency wants to land people on the moon by 2024 and says mineral discoveries will be a key part of that.

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Bortana EV

Meet the battery-powered 4WD that could change the Australian mining scene

As a mining engineer, Steve Durkin always wanted to know why things were done the way they were done. His latest innovation could be about to significantly change staus quo.

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Eastern Pacific LNG carrier

BHP adding LNG-fuelled carriers to transport WA iron ore

The iron ore miner says the new fleet could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 30 per cent per voyage.

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Electric car

How lithium could power WA into the future

Chances are you’ve heard of lithium and what it could eventually mean to WA’s economic future.   Soft enough to be cut with a kitchen knife and so low in density that it floats on water, lithium is also capable of storing exceptional amounts of power compared to its physical size – which is why rechargeable lithium-ion batteries power not only our smartphones and laptops but also the electric […]

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FMG turn on hydrogen-powered transport

Fortescue will take another step towards its goal of net-zero operational emissions by 2040 with the introduction of hydrogen-powered coaches at its Christmas Creek operations.  FMG expects the 10 hydrogen coaches, built by HYZON Motors, to replace its existing diesel fleet from mid-2021 in what it described as a “first for an Australian mining operation.”  Fortescue Deputy Chief Executive Officer Julie Shuttleworth said the […]

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From Science Fiction to Reality

Sci-fi has always influenced future tech, but it needs the resources industry to make it a reality.

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