Western Australia in prime position to lead battery manufacturing

Research carried out by the Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia shows that battery manufacture in WA is technically and commercially feasible. Western Australia produces 9 of the 10 mineral elements required to make batteries, including nickel, lithium and cobalt, and expertise in mineral processing. Currently Australia exports all its battery minerals, worth about $1.2 […]

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Lithium: The Rock Star Resource

From electric cars to house battery systems, lithium is the world’s rock star resource.

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4.4 billion-year-old Erawondoo Hill gains national heritage listing

Did you know the world’s oldest minerals are found right here in Western Australia? The Zircon Crystals at Erawondoo Hill in WA’s Pilbara region date back 4.4 billion years and are only 120 million years younger than the earth itself. This globally unique site of international significance has just been added to the National Heritage […]

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BHP offering cheap flights to the general public

BHP is making seats available to the general public on its AllianceAirlines charter services to Port Hedland. The dedicated community seats will be available on select Alliance Airlines RPT-charter flights between Perth and Port Hedland on a trial basis over the next six months at a set price of $349 each way. Our research suggests […]

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$50,000 gold nugget lost then found in the outback

After leaving a $50,000 gold nugget on the roof of their car and driving off along a remote outback road in Western Australia’s, Wheatbelt the owners of the nugget, who are in their 80s, soon realised their mistake and made a desperate call to police in the hope that it would be found. The nugget […]

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Small scale Tanzanite miner becomes overnight millionaire

A small scale miner in Tanzania has become an overnight millionaire after unearthing $4.9 million worth of Tanzanite stones. The artisanal miner, Saniniu Laizer scored the big payday from the country’s mining ministry for two massive gemstones that had a combined weight of 15kg (9.2kg and 5.8kg), the biggest ever found. The father of 30 […]

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Australia’s leading export state is…

There is a perception on the East Coast of Australia that Western Australia’s contribution to the nation’s exports is insignificant in comparison to NSW and Victoria. This could not be further from the truth, Western Australia is, in fact, the number one export State by a considerable margin. A survey conducted in NSW and Victoria […]

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How the resource sector has changed since 1991

The resource sector has changed considerably in the last 30 years. In 1991 gold was by far the number one resource contributing to the economy of Western Australia. As you can see from the chart below, things started to change with the mining boom at the start of the new millennium. China’s rise as a […]

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The $64 billion port

Situated off the northern coast of the Pilbara the port of Port Hedland may not mean much to most Australians but this tiny corner of WA is punching far and above its weight. The port and its supply chain pumped $54.7 billion into WA’s economy in 2018/19 and supports one in every 12 jobs throughout […]

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Western Australian gold mines from the air

The abstract colours and shapes created by gold mines in the Goldfields, Mid-West and Great Southern regions of Western Australia.

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