Meet Rachael Hammond. She works in the gold sector as a project geologist in a workspace that is quite extraordinary. Instead of neon lights, there is abundant natural sunlight. The natural water cooler is overflowing with rushing freshwater. And the WiFi does not seem to work at all. But Rachael swears it’s the best office on earth.

“I love working outdoors and exploring different parts of WA and QLD. Everything I do in the field has new challenges, opportunities and locations to discover.” – Rachael Hammond

An even split

Because Rachael’s job relies on studying rocks, minerals and structures in the earth’s crust, she has to spend at least fifty per cent of her time in nature’s original office – The Great Outdoors. She’s also lucky enough to work with a great team, which makes being in such remote locations more enjoyable.

Welcome to the working week

Of course, there’s always paperwork to do. So, part of the job must take place in an air-conditioned workplace, instead of fresh air.

But out in the field is where the real effort begins and the days can be long. It does have its perks, as Rachael and her team get to enjoy a home-cooked alfresco dinner under the stars, which beats the office kitchenette any day.

If you prefer the sound of crickets to the office photocopier, and gum trees to the office pot plant, then a career as a geologist could be just the ticket.

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