This is a challenge designed to test your problem-solving skills. Those with an engineer’s brain will be able to tell you the correct sequence. Can you?


On the right, there’s an oil pipe, a train and a truck. Your challenge is to select the correct order of tiles to connect their paths to their destination on the right. This will require your engineering brain to think laterally and solve it.

How does an engineer think?

Engineers are professional problem solvers. They think about the world in a different way. Here are three ways to think like an engineer and become a problem solver.


The most important thing about being an engineer is curiosity. Engineers always want to know how stuff works and discover how the problem was first created. They work backwards (or reverse engineer) to see where the problem began.


To think like an engineer, it’s important to keep things simple. A complicated solution increases the chances for error. They think about the best way to solve the problem, then find the simplest way to make that happen.


Engineers know there’s a solution to every problem. Some challenges require creating a solution, others just need a new perspective to reach the point of success.

So what’s the answer?

Did you solve it? Will your solution allow the oil, train and truck to travel safely to their destinations? Well, the correct sequence is (drumroll…) CABED.

Brainteaser Answer

Are you one of the people able to figure this out? Maybe a career in engineering is on the cards.

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