From drilling machines to excavators, crushing and grinding equipment – the mining industry depends on the right tools to get the job done. Here’s a few of the industry’s most powerful pieces of machinery.

Western Australia’s mining industry operates in some of the world’s harshest and most remote conditions. That’s why it relies so heavily on the mightiest mining equipment technology. Discover the range of gigantic mining equipment required for work carried out above ground, below ground and under the sea.

Mining Drill
Mining Drills

These massive pieces of mining equipment are used for excavating deposits of minerals and rocks beneath the earth’s surface. Using a 600 Horse Power engine and standing as tall as a four story building, this drilling machine can bore straight through almost any rock to create holes 85 metres deep and as wide as a family sized pizza.


This half military tank, half rotating claw monster is every child’s dream machine. With a 3.9 metre cube bucket attached to a booming 10 metre hydraulic arm, you can excavate out a small swimming pool with one scoop. Add a full 360 degree stand still rotation capable of over 6 rotations a minute and two all-terrain, military inspired track wheels, this is one of the world’s ultimate digging machines.

Bucket-wheel Excavator
Bucket-wheel excavators

Scoop after scoop, after scoop. These colossal continuous digging machines are used to break through the earth in large-scale open-pit mines. Bucket-wheel excavators are like a huge Ferris Wheels of power, digging with a series of moving buckets connected to a giant wheel.

Blasting Tools
Blasting Tools

Ka–boom! Sometimes more power is required to get through tough rocks. These explosive pieces of equipment are an essential part of the mining process, leaving the earth trembling in the dust. They effortlessly break down materials with calculated explosives.

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Earth Mover
Earth Movers

When you need to haul some earth in a hurry, this is the machine you want in your arsenal. This twelve-cylinder, 1025 horse powered, 164.6 tonne beast can move nearly half its own weight anywhere you want. And with a top speed of 67.1 kilometres per hour, it can do it in a hurry.

Feeding Device
Feeding devices

After using these incredible machines to blast, excavate and dig through the earth, what do you do with the raw material? Enter the feeding device. These machines move the excavated raw material into the crusher for further processing. This smashes the material down to size, making it ready for reuse.

All these incredible mining tools are crucial for getting the job done without fuss. These finely-tuned machines manage to extract resources without heavily impacting the environment. And, as technology progresses, the future promises even more breakthroughs to make the mining process more efficient than ever before.