Follow the volunteers who run the research and monitoring program on Barrow Island helping to protect and increase the world’s population of flatback turtles.

Episode 1: An Old Mate

Meet Kellie and the team at Pendoley Environmental who run a research and turtle monitoring program on Barrow Island. Kellie describes how the program has expanded due to the construction of the Gorgon project.

Episode 2: Tag a mate

Each year the team at Pendoley Environmental tag and monitor nesting flatback turtles on Barrow Island. The project which started with a team of three now monitors eight beaches and involves up to 100 volunteers a season.

Episode 3: Flip the switch

Did you know that flatback turtle hatchlings use starlight and moonlight to guide themselves to water?

Discover how Chevron’s Gorgon Project on Barrow Island was designed to ensure hatchling turtles wouldn’t be affected by the project’s artificial lighting.

Episode 4: Heroes in a Hard Shell

The flatback turtle monitoring program on Barrow Island is recognised as one of the world’s best practices. Meet Russel who describes the history of the project and how it has evolved.

Episode 5: Turtles of Tomorrow.

Did you know hatchling flatback turtles disappear from Barrow Island for roughly 30 years before they return as adults?

Hear how Senior Scientist Paul uses modern technology to uncover the secrets of the flatback turtles to learn where they go during the ‘lost years.’

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