Many people wouldn’t know how to change the oil on their personal vehicle. Can you imagine changing 250 litres of oil on a sixteen cylinder mine site haul truck? We thought we’d show you how, with the help of Luke, a heavy duty diesel mechanic based east of Perth.

A mine-site is a finely tuned operation requiring hundreds of people, machinery and expertise. If one of these elements breaks down, then the whole site is affected. So maintaining equipment is vital to a smooth operation.

As a heavy duty diesel mechanic, Luke plays a big part in keeping everything running. His job is to make sure the four tonne, sixteen cylinder haul trucks are kept in tip-top shape with regular services and maintenance. One job they routinely perform is the good old oil change. But it’s not just a regular oil change, it’s a 250-litre oil change.

We asked Luke to take us through the process of changing the oil on these monster machines.