Space Travel’s New Golden Era

There’s no expense spared when NASA gets you kitted up as an astronaut since gold is used in the visor of the helmet. But it’s not a fashion statement, gold is actually becoming the go-to metal for advanced technology on Earth and in space.

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The Truth Behind ‘Going for Gold’

Winning the gold is more than just a fancy bit of decoration, it’s the physical properties of the metal that have ranked gold as the most prestigious award.

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Gold vs. Malaria

Have you ever heard of a gold superhero? Gold plays a significant role in saving lives.

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Could old gold mines become gold mines for other industries?

What if, once the last vein of precious gold has been extracted, gold mines around Australia could live on with a different purpose?

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The art of eating gold.

Since the beginning of human civilisation food has been used as a currency, but at what point did our gold currency become food?

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5 Golden Facts

Gold from space? 70 Sydney Harbour Bridges? Plus more golden facts.

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Greed and the golden consequences.

Gold has a long and detailed history, but what happens when the source of human greed turns into the remedy?

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The humans with real hearts of gold.

Thanks to medicine, the expression ‘heart of gold’ is a literal reality.

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