The Right Tool for the Job

Here are the most common types of equipment used by WA’s mining industry. These machines are designed to efficiently extract resources with the least possible impact.

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Driving Mining Forward

As the world moves towards an automated future, the WA mining industry is using new technology to improve safety, build capacity and remain globally competitive.

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Melting Point: Some like it Hot

Discover the melting points of common metals: how much heat does it take to turn your favourite metal into gooey molten liquid?

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How to think like an Engineer

Do you think like an engineer? See if you can solve this challenge – a lot of people will fail this quiz – including the writer of this article.

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Three Easy Metal Cocktails

Ever wondered how bronze, brass and steel are made? We’ll show you how. But please, do not try this at home.

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Cooking with Gas

Natural gas is odourless in its natural state. So why does gas have that distinctive “rotten egg” smell?

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The Secret Life of Aluminium

Aluminium is a lightweight metal with an atomic number of 13. It is the second-most common metallic element in Earth's crust and was once worth more than gold.

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The Power of Nickel

Thanks to the current energy revolution around the world, Western Australian nickel will soon be in greater demand than ever before. And that means enormous opportunities for the resources sector in WA.

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A guide to the great Australian gold rush

The great Australian gold rush has helped shape the country into what it is today, touching the lives not just of Australians, but of people worldwide who have become part of its history.

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From then to now

From then to now. Mining in Western Australia has come a long way in the last 150 years.

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